Challenging children to reach extraordinary heights, by giving them the platform to share, inspire, and encourage the community around them.

I'm Toad Frog. With me is my sister, Mouse, & my brother, Monkey Boy. We help kids, like you,PARTY WITH A PROMISE. If you've read our book, TOAD FROG, MOUSE, & MONKEY BOY: MAGIC & MAYHEM, you know what a difference a PARTY WITH A PROMISE can make. If you haven't read it, now would be a good time to get your copy. We've shown you how to do it. Now, we're here to help you plan your party!



Don’t worry. It’s not like I’m giving you homework or anything. Reading can be fun. Trust me. Plus, I can’t wait for you to meet my magic!!!


What is a Party Promiser?

  • Party Promisers promise to be helpful
  • Party Promisers promise to be kind
  • Party Promisers promise to try their best not to leave others out
  • Party Promisers promise to PARTY WITH A PROMISE and have loads of fun!!

A Party Promiser is someone who is willing to do something kind for someone else. There’s really tons of things Party Promisers can do to help someone in need, but the most fun way to help is to throw a party!!02

Who can you help?

Well, that’s easy. Everyone needs help. Your parents need help. Your friends need help. Even your pets need help! Trust me, EVERYONE needs help at some point. Even people who are helping other people need help! That’s why I like to donate my parties to charities. They work to help a whole bunch of people at one time, and they need a whole lot of help from people like us if they are going to be able to keep going. My favorite charities are the one that help other kids. My sister, Mouse, likes charities that help animals best. I can’t wait to hear what kind of charity you plan to help!03

Who doesn't love a good party?

Contact us. We are happy to help you come up with ideas. We also want to send out a press release to your local news stations–who knows, they might do a report on you! Plus, we want to highlight your PARTY WITH A PROMISE on our Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter pages. (As long as your parents say it’s OK) And to say thank you, we would like to offer you a special gift!04

You could be famous!

  • Show us who you helped
  • Show us all the donations you were able to collect
  • Show us how much fun you and your friends had

We can’t wait to see all of your party pics and ideas! We hope you will share them us, so we can share them with all of our other friends on our website. Your party pics could inspire new PARTIES WITH A PROMISE all around the world!05

Keep the party going!

Share the PARTY WITH A PROMISE campaign with your friends and family.  Let them host their very own party–and don’t forget to tell us!  We love to help!!06
The Fantastic Life Choices™ Team

"Fantastic Life Choices™ is a one-of-a kind service based learning program that focuses on whole child education. Our unique approach to helping children become responsible, caring, contributing young adults is unlike any other program.


Teachers are given a fun interactive way to get their students excited about reading and writing.
Children make, and keep, friendships as they learn positive ways to resolve conflict.
Parents are given tools that help build self-esteem and self-confidence in their children.
Participating schools and youth organizations gain admiration as they are seen as a place that promotes community activism and positive behavior.

The Fantastic Life Choices™ program is a win-win for everyone involved.

It’s fun, it’s unique, and it works!

We eagerly await working side-by-side with anyone looking to make a difference and


We believe that children who learn how to positively influence one another will go on to lead happy, successful adult lives. Our mission is to inspire youth and help them become positive, solution-minded, self-confident leaders. We challenge children to reach extraordinary heights by teaching them how to trust in themselves, and to listen attentively to that inner voice that will help them solve life’s toughest problems.


Kerie Boshka

Program Founder, Author
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Katherine Jolly

Media & Marketing Coordinator

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